July 25, 2017


 Our Supporters

“Women can have a profound effect on each other. And our best accomplishments stem
from our ability to listen to, understand and communicate with each other in a way that
few men can. This festival opens our eyes, ears and hearts to the limitless possibilities
even one woman can accomplish when she bravely opens her soul to encourage, inspire
and change the world around her.”

– Justice Rebeca Martinez, Fourth Court of Appeals

Their model of giving back to women organizations awakens in me the essence of why
artists make art to begin with – to give back, to enlighten, to educate, to make change.
Gracias, SAFilm Festival! Gracias for staying true to feminism and ARTE!”

– Anel I. Flores, Author of Empanada: A Lesbiana Story en Probaditas

“I’m so excited about the first-annual San Antonio Feminist Film Festival. It’s a great
example of the amazing things that happen when women work together — not only are we
celebrating women in fi lm and women who make fi lm: we’re celebrating one another and
giving back to our community. I look forward to attending for years to come.”

– Ina Minjarez, State Representative, Texas House District 124

“The first-annual San Antonio Feminist Film Festival added a unique perspective to the
ongoing conversation about the issues that matter to women. Not only were the fi lms
great — the committee invited a bright, diverse group of speakers and local organizations
that work hard to serve Texas women, ensuring that the dialogue we started this week
doesn’t stop here.”

– Jose Menendez, State Senator, Texas Senate District 26